MASTERKEYS continued week 10

The Seven day MENTAL “DIET”?

It takes COURAGE .

Courage to change a simple thought process .  So many members have reported remarkable results .

So what is it. What’s going on?

The idea is that whenever a “negative ” thought enters your mind , to not allow  it to take up resideimagence AT ALL, and if it stays with you past 7 SECONDS, you must begin  the diet over.

The goal is to string together 7 consecutive days without a negative thought lasting more than 7 seconds.

How can this be done?

Obey the law.


One of the 7 laws of the mind, which in this particular case,  states that the mind cannot hold more than ONE thought at any particular moment.

Of course many will claim that they have MANY thoughts circulating around at any given time, but “circulating” is quite different than “landing” , or “focusing “.

We can only “focus” on ONE thought at any given moment.

Its a fact, proven scientifically , and not open to debate.


The beautiful thing is, we have the unique ability, ( using the law of SUBSTITUTION) , to “exchange ” ANY thought for a DIFFERENT ONE.

We can “substitute ” , for example , a thought of wanting to chase someone down who cut us off on the highway , or wanting to strangle someone for saying something degrading to us, for a thought of a pleasant place we found peace at, or a dream we are working towards in the future .

The more we use this Law of Substitution, the quicker we are able to “switch” out our negative thoughts for the more pleasant ones.

We are creating “new ” neural connections , that will replace the “old”.

Just like Og Mandino writes in Scroll I , of “The Greatest Salesman in the world “,

“only a habit can replace another habit”

The habit of “switching ” our thoughts with a pleasant place , time , or future achievement , to replace a negative thought , is using the Law of Substitution to our greatest advantage .

It becomes as second nature as turning our head when we hear our name being called or spoken .

To get through the 7 day mental diet, and reap all the rewards that naturally will follow, we must always be utilizing the law of substitution , so it becomes second nature .

The law is indisputable , and non discriminate .

It is our Unique Advantage .




So this is it.
Last week of MASTERKEYS ?
Yes , but …. Not exactly.

At the beginning of this master key experience, I was excited to “begin”.
In my past, Excitement about beginning something usually meant excitement about finishing something.
I couldn’t WAIT to finish a course , class , or semester.

How about you?
Are you like I was ?
Finish , get it done , move to the next?
“Climb” all the steps of the ladder, till there were no more “rungs”?
Relief that its over?

This is different in fact I’m more excited not to “finish” but to “commence”.

Yes the course “guides” have done their part.

Yes the students have done the “work”.

Yes the foundation has been laid .

Like your house ,or any built structure, the foundation must always be laid first.
It must be strong enough to “support” the rest of the structure.

I’m sure you aren’t hearing anything new here, yes?

Lets rewind for a moment .

For our entire lives up to this point,
weve “built” ( or had built for us) , a foundation which supported what was to come.
If the blueprint of that “structure” was holding us back , or even worse – BLINDING us from realizing our hidden gifts ( potential) , then that structure serves no purpose, and the foundation supporting it must be demolished and rebuilt , in order to support the ” new” structure that is to be built in its place.

So a real solid foundation has now been laid.
That was the ” work ” we each accomplished with the helpers and mentors ( “guides”) , which held the lamp.

So it’s the Hero’s Journey

The call to adventure which brings us from the “known” world , and guides us into the “unknown “.

The unknown is where the real adventure lies.

To partake in any journey , you’ll need helpers and mentors , and a STRONG FOUNDATION , which will support the new “you” .

There really is no ending here whatsoever .

It’s just begun.
The Journey is not the destination.
It’s preparing for the greatest adventure you will ever take.

The discovery of self, and the purpose each of us has here.

The ” teaching ” may be done ,
Now the “Learning” begins.

MASTERKEYS WEEK 24 ” Polly want a cracker?”


Are you a parrot ?

Think for a moment about a parrot.

While a beautiful bird, do you think a parrot has any great level of intelligence ? On par with us humans?

The parrot can actually “imitate” sounds that it has been exposed to, over and over ,repeatedly.

It doesn’t happen right away but,
It can be “trained” to COPY what it hears.

It mindlessly “repeats” what it has heard.

I hope none of you are of the belief that a parrot actually “thinks” about what it is imitating , right?


I should hope not , for if that were the case , I’d be writing to the wrong audience.


“WE” DO.
( or at least we have the ability to)

I would like to share something I discovered ( a small part of the larger picture) , that was written over 100 years ago by Charles Haanel.

“The average person is entirely innocent of any deep thinking; He excepts the ideas of others, and repeats them, in very much the same way as a parrot ; This is readily seen when we understand the method which is used to form public opinion, and this docile attitude on the part of a large majority who seem perfectly willing to let a few persons do ALL their thinking for them is what enables a few men in a great many countries to unsurp all the ave yes of power and hold millions in subjection. Creative thinking requires attention.”

Do you see this ?
Are you forming your opinions based on what ” others ” are saying ?
Are you just a “copy” of a “copy “?


Or are you a “thinker”?
Someone who can “think” for themselves?

If you can, congratulations!
It means you are ” self ” directed , and not influenced by the “MOB” ( society)

You’re a leader , not a follower.
Not Necessarily someone who “leads” other people, but a leader in your own life.

I was “parrot like” in certain areas of my own life for years.

I lowered myself down to fit “in” with certain groups of people.
If I had certain knowledge that was beyond my peers , I would play “dumb” to not face ridicule.

Gaining acceptance by pretending ignorance.
Allowing others to do my thinking for me.
Being the mindless parrot .
Not any longer, and if you’ve been following me, you understand why.

But for you , the reader , I’ve given you something to ” think ” about, and if you see any bit of ” parrot ” in you,
Let this then be a discovery for you.

A discovery that leads to awareness, and the beginning of positive change for you, that only YOU can pull your own strings , and unlike the PARROT, you can think for YOURSELVES, beyond what society tries to force upon you.

Way beyond the Parrot.


” a natural , instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances , mood, or relationships with others “.


They can really get the best of us at times ,yes?

Matter of fact they actually have a hand in “guiding” our actions.

How so?

We experience a ” thing”, we attach a “feeling” to that ” experience” or ” thing”, and that ” feeling” ( emotion) now directs us towards certain “actions”.

After countless books and religious references written on this subject, there is scientific proof about how this works.

Science has found that our brains assemble certain Chemicals to produce hormones to fit whatever emotional state we are experiencing.

Yes, there’s a hormone for
Self pity

Problem is, Our cells develop receptors for a certain emotional state, that we have experienced more predominately than other states. Hence our cells actually “desire” certain chemical

We can unconsciously become “addicted” to certain emotional states.


Og Mandino write in scroll VI,

About the importance of recognizing and mastering our emotional state daily.

Our emotions influence not only ourselves , but others.
If we are happy, we will project that, and the people we meet will pick up on that behavior and reciprocate.

Same thing with anger.

The trick OG talks about here, is being aware that emotions change , and to understand them , so that we may avoid the “cycle” of addiction to them.

“Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions, strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts “.

Be aware of how you are feeling.
Step back .
Understand its a chemical produced in your brain.
Are you addicted to a certain one?

If so, realizing this is the road to changing that .

The more we focus on the positive type emotions, the more our cells will look for , and desire it.

Don’t let your emotions control your actions .

Use actions to control your thoughts.


Anger , fear, guilt, self pity.

Sounds great , right?
Nice pleasant emotions we have all experienced , but would rather do without.

I know we all would like to live the life of experiencing only the “good” emotions .

Love, joy, elation, calmness.

The big question is:

Or rather the question That has been asked of us In the class, was how can the negative emotions ( fear, anger , anxiety, etc), be used as a TOOL, to our benefit?

I’m not sure if I have that answer ( yet ) .

But my personal observation, ( you probably noticed this as well),

Is that whenever there is an “intense ” negative emotion, we experience a sort of “LAZER” focus.

What do I mean?

While we are in that “state”, ( anger for example) we tend to be oblivious to what is going on around us during that time.

“Blind rage” is a phrase that comes to mind.
How about “fear”? Has a tendency to “freeze” us.

“Paralyzed by fear” ?

Another accurate description of what goes on while in this emotional state.


It seems that the entire body tightens up, all senses become focused on that particular state .

Is it the “fight or flight” syndrome?
Chemicals produced by the brain to prepare us for what is about to happen ?

How Does this relate to a tool. To reach the desired happy emotions. The positive ones.

The strength of the emotion should give us a clue.

“Tuned in”.

Could it be that as tuned in as we are experiencing the negative emotions, that we could just as easily be tuned in to the positive ones? If the “feelings” were strong enough?

Remember, They are all just emotions. Emotions are created by or fueled by chemicals which are assembled in our brain.

Could it be that simple?
Develop a stronger attachment to the positive feelings?

Could the same laser focus be produced?
To be blinded by happiness?
To be in the “loop” of LOVE?

To be in these relaxed and productive “states”?

The answer will
Be given for us shortly .
In the meanwhile , what thoughts do you have regarding our “question” ?
Think . image